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ExCITE is currently located in a 5,000 sq. foot ADA compliant facility with 5 office spaces, a teleconference/podcast room, 1 conference room, and a common break area. In partnership with the County of Riverside next door, ExCITE residents have access to printers, fax machines, copiers, and additional conference rooms. We also have a ping pong table to allow our entrepreneurs to showcase their other skills! Founders can spend less time worrying about the high cost of rent and focus on their innovations.

ExCITE is a new 6 - 12 month startup accelerator program and facility for technology startups, offering services and mentorships aimed at one goal - to accelerate the growth of successful new technology companies that will change their industries.

We seek to introduce startups to their entrepreneurial peers, and to established companies, in innovation clusters across the region, state and around the world. We seek to power a network of innovation networks.

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Bold entrepreneurs and change agents bring their knowledge and ingenuity to bear on humanity’s great challenges every day. ExCITE seeks to help them on the journey from ideation to realization.

ExCITE is organized for the purpose of facilitating the successful acceleration of startup companies engaged in entrepreneurial research and development of advanced technologies with the intent to create high technology jobs in the county of Riverside.


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