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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ExCITE?

A Unique Startup Acceleration/ Incubation Program Created in collaboration between business leaders, the City and County of Riverside, and the University of California Riverside

What are the perks of joining ExCITE?

Resident startups at ExCITE receive over $200,000 in valued free or discounted services from our trusted partners. To get complete details on our partners and the offering, please review the “Startup Toolbox” section

What are the hours of operation?

ExCITE is open 24 hours for our startup residents. Tech focused meetup groups can request to use ExCITE.

Which stage startups can apply for incubation?

We accept applications from startups in the idea or prototyping stage

How long has ExCITE worked with startups?

ExCITE was founded in 2015 (https://ucrtoday.ucr.edu/25711) as a collaboration between UCRiverside, the City of Riverside, and the county of Riverside.

What can I do to help ExCITE improve their own office/business?

For more information on partnering with ExCITE, please contact us at [email protected]

Who are the directors?

ExCITE is managed by Maricela Argueta ([email protected]). Our board is made up of City, County, and University officials along with local business leaders.

What kind of services would ExCITE provide me?

ExCITE has partnered with EPIC Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to provide the following services: workspace, mentorship, workshops, trainings, anetwork, an entrepreneur’s toolbox with free or discounted services from top tier legal, hr, accounting, webhosting, marketing, banking, and more.

What are the next steps after I complete the ExCITE program?

After graduating from the ExCITE Accelerator program, we hope that our resident startups either 1) grow and move into Riverside’s new Innovation District 2) Attend one of our partner accelerator programs to further expand your startup 3) Get funded

Are each of my team members paying individual fees or is there a group cover charge?

The charge is per startup entity.

What are the prerequisites for joining ExCITE?

In order to join ExCITE as an incubated company, interested startups must complete an application deck that will be reviewed by the selection committee. Contact [email protected] to apply!

Can I be a part of ExCITE without the EPIC process?

As an ExCITE incubated company, startups work with EPIC SBDC mentors to complete milestones that will help them launch or scale their company!

How long is the program once I join?

Not all startups are at the same stage, so ExCITE provides an individualized program that is milestone based. Startups work with mentors at their own pace with check-ins to ensure progress is being made.

How does pricing work for becoming a member at ExCITE?

As an accelerator, ExCITE takes NO EQUITY or REVENUE SHARE in your startup. We charge a small annual program fee that is divided monthly. $100 per month for a coworking space, $150 per month for the HOT SEAT, and $350-$600 per month for the OFFICE TRACK depending on the size of the office.

Is there a scheduled program I am required to follow or will the programs be catered to my schedule/needs?

We believe that time is the greatest asset to founders so we create personalized growth paths for our startups. We also have at least 2 workshops/month focusing on key areas.

What topics will the program cover?

The 6 key areas of the program include: storytelling, team building, market traction, customer acquistion, liquidity, product design.

Is the program tailored to my vision for my startup?

Not all startups are at the same stage, so ExCITE provides an individualized program that is milestone based. Startups work with mentors at their own pace with check-ins to ensure progress is being made.

How often do I need to renew my membership?

Because ExCITE is an incubator, we focus on helping companies grow and focus so that they can graduate from the program and enter the various office space locations in the Inland Empire.

What if I want to cancel my membership before its term ends?

Companies can cancel their residency membership at ExCITE at any time

What if one of my team members cancels his/her membership before its term ends?

We focus on startups, not members – so while team member changes are unfortunate, it does not impact your membership.

What resources are included in my membership? E.g. printing services, technology provided, etc.

All levels of membership include: Access to space 24/7; Ability to reserve conference room, open training area, and break room 24/7; High speed internet access; Business address through ExCITE; Events, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Are there other locations I could utilize to work on my startup?

Yes, through the EPIC Small Business Development Center, we work closely with incubators all over the region! If there is one that better fits your needs, we can help connect you to the right space to grow your startup!

Am I able to get advertising space?

Yes, we want the community to know about our startups! ExCITE works to help arrange local and national press for our startups when they reach their milestones.

What kind of events does ExCITE host?

We host tech and entrepreneurship related events such as EPIC SBDC Workshops, Meetups, Startup activities, and more

Are there any showcase opportunities for my startup?

YES, we love showing off our startups. We have have partnerships with the city to do startup field trips too

Will I be able to meet potential recruits and collaborators for my startup?

Yes, most of our startups find potential recruits through the meetups and other events at ExCITE such as internship fairs

Are there trusted mentors I can speak to about my startup and its ideas? If so, how and when can I reach them?

We are building up our teams of not only trusted mentors, but mentors with deep, specific experiences in your areas. Through EPIC SBDC, we provide 1:1 business consulting at no cost!

Am I able to bring people outside of team members (friends, family, colleagues, etc.) into the office space while I work?

Yes, you can bring guests to ExCITE. Please just be mindful of our other startup residents

Are there designated spaces/offices reserved for certain members or is it a first-come-first-serve basis?

The COWORKING and HOTSEATS are first come first serve desks for startup teams. OFFICE TRACK teams have dedicated office space

Can I bring personal belongings/furniture/equipment/accessories into the office? Is there storage or locker space for this purpose?

Yes, we have file cabinets now for storage space and we will expand to lockers in the near future.